The Editorship of scientific publications of Russian State University of Tourism and Service (RSUTS Publisher) is specialized on publishing scientific, periodic, study, learning and teaching literature on Tourism, Hotel Industry, Service in accordance with the requirements of the federal state educational standards. Besides the Editorship of RSUTS scientific publications organizes publishing of the materials from scientific and scientific and practical conferences, as well as publishes other scientific, reference, promotional materials, other kinds of literature and printed materials.

The main objective of RSUTS Publisher is ensuring editorial and publishing activity of the university, publishing of scientific monographs, scientific and learning and teaching literature in accordance with the requirements of the federal state educational standards, as well as issue of scientific, reference, promotional materials and other kinds of printed materials.

Issueing of periodic scientific journals founded by the University is the key area of RSUTS Publisher’s activity. The journals Service and Tourism: Current Challenges, Services in Russia and Abroad and Service Plus are included on the list of the Russian Higher Attestation Commission. One journal has been included in Russian Science Citation Index / eLibrary – Universities for Tourism and Service Association Bulletin. RSUTS Publisher also regularly published collections of scientific articles upon the results of the conferences and forums organized and held by the University.

Journals published by RSUTS Publisher:  

At the modern stage the Editorship of RSUTS scientific publications shall:  
  • supervise creation and update of the Journals' Internet websites;
  • perform promotional campaign in the printed media, Internet resources and in the search systems;
  • regularly monitor reading audience, its interests and needs;
  • participate and hold field-specific seminars, consultations of experts (members of the editorship, authors, partners) in the interactive mode;
  • establish partnership with organizations for which a tourist work is field-specific;
  • announce materials through postal and Internet mailing.

The most important goal of the RSUTS Publisher for the near future is significant increase in participation of its publications in the field-specific theme-based exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other specialized events as an information partner.

According to the strategic program of the RSUTS Publisher a number of reviews, strengthening of the editorships through detection and engagement of scientists with high citation measures, increase in the peer review system quality through engagement of the internationally recognized experts are planned for scientific journals.

RSUTS Publisher sets challenging tasks and plans on the increase in publications distribution scale, their promoting to the leaders of the international information resources of the respective field. It applies significant efforts to increase the volumes of subscriptions in Russian segment, in the countries of near and far abroad.

The University accepted an extensive program on enhancement of polygraphic and digital quality of publications, development of bilingual websites of the journals, improvement of their technological capabilities. RSUTS Publisher works under development of electronic versions of the journals, including visualization of publication through additional media means in order to extend indexing in the foreign repositories and data bases, on the platforms of electronic resources aggregators. It introduces the feedback systems with the authors to analyze the level of their satisfaction with the journals' quality, creates electronic archives of the journal with a full text access to the publications.