scientific journal "Service and Tourism: Current Challenges"

The concept of the journal “Service and Tourism: Current Challenges” assumes representation of the materials in the thematic headings, corresponding to the branches of science, in which the journal specializes. Naturally, the main headings of each issue depend on the specifics of its thematic content. But in general, the journal has a certain consistency of headings. The authors of the articles can submit their materials for a specific heading of the journal.


Is it possible to derive a universal formula for the tourism development? What is the tourism success secret, on what depends its popularity and relevance? In the heading "Local in the global: Formula of tourism" we are trying to find this universal formula, to complete "mosaic" out of separate fragments of theoretical and practical scientific research of individual countries, regions, components and aspects of the multifaceted phenomenon called "Tourism". The articles of general theoretical problems dealing with the fundamental problems of studying the tourism and tourist service are accepted in the heading.


Service is a very multifaceted concept. Service in tourism and hospitality is a particularly complex phenomenon due to a variety of internal and external factors. Often regional factors and characteristics determines the success of its development. For example, why on the same island with initially almost equal starting positions two states, Haiti and Dominican Republic, have diametrically opposite characteristics of the development level of tourism and hospitality? "Why does the neighbors have successful tourism development, but we do not?" "What should be done on the regional level to attract tourists?" Does tourism always bring benefits to the region? These and many other issues are the object of the rubric "Regional problems of the tourist service development". You can share an experience of the tourism and service development in your area, and it may serve as a good starting point for other regions.


Successful examples and practices of the development of enterprises, clusters, facilities and destinations show trends that reflect the dynamics of tourism and service at the field level. Examples from the practice of the specific tourist centers establishment, the formation of a tourist and recreational services system are important and necessary for understanding the general trends in the tourism in specific tourist and recreational areas and regions of Russia and the world.


Russia is the largest country in the world. Probably every person on Earth know this fact. But at the same time the number of stereotypes existing among many foreigners about Russia cannot be calculated. The clear majority of them are false and erroneous, many come from descriptions of trips around Russia by medieval European travelers. But what we can say about the stereotypes of foreigners, if many people in Russia often do not know the wealth and beauty of their native country. The heading "New Tourist Centers" is intended to "Open Russia": its tourism potential, natural resources, cultural traditions and treasures. The heading accepts the articles about Russian destinations, reviews of travel to unknown and obscure regions and areas, development and description of new tourist routes, etc. Let's open Russia together!


The role of the individual in tourism and service - what is it? The sphere of service and tourism is a "clean economics", aimed at making profit, or the role of the Master is the primary and fundamental one? The contribution of individual personalities, creative collectives, invaluable personal experience in the formation and development of their business in tourism and related services is an object of interest in the heading "Mosaic of the authorial experience". Share with the broad scientific and professional community your own example of organizing activities in tourism, the way in which you came to the sphere of tourism and hospitality, your basic principles and goals, what you have received in the end, what the results you have achieved, what difficulties you have got over on the way of becoming a professional in tourism. Your experience is an invaluable training tool for both beginners and recognized industry professionals.


How does everyman choose places for recreation and destinations? Often with help of ratings of tourist destinations, compiled by various international agencies and editions. In the "Rating" we introduce our readers into the ratings of the world and Russian resorts, destinations, transport companies, tour operators, hotels and restaurants, the best beaches and places for holidays.

RSUTS Tourist Information Center

The sphere of tourism and service is constantly developing and improving, as evidenced by forums, scientific conferences, seminars, exhibitions, other events, new editions of books and textbooks devoted to the current areas of science, practice and education. The headings "RGUTIS Tourist Information Center" informs readers about the most important events in the sphere of tourism and service.


There are many interesting and important events occur every day in the world and domestic sphere of tourism and hospitality. This is one of the most dynamic spheres of human life, constantly changing along with the demand of a sophisticated consumer. In the heading "Tourdigest" we publish the most important and most interesting events, and cover modern trends, innovations in the regulatory framework, etc. We quickly publish the most necessary information for you!