"Service and Tourism: Current Challenges"

The concept of the journal "Service and Tourism: Current Challenges" stipulates the formation of thematic issues, which combine articles dedicated to similar topical problematic of tourism and service. A variety of sphere of service and tourism, its penetration into almost all spheres of human activity, turning into one of the vital sectors for each person determines a wide range of topical issues, which are reflected on the pages of our journal. 

Schedule of reception of manuscripts and issues publications:

The deadline for manuscripts
Date of dispatch the journal to printing office
Release date
Iss.1 December, 1 February, 1 March, 15
Iss.2 March, 10 May, 1 June, 15
Iss.3 June, 1 August, 1 September, 15
Iss.4 September, 10 November, 1 December, 15

2021, Vol. 15

1 - Niche (rare) types of tourism: features, formats and trends

2 - Niche (rare) types of tourism: The potential and development challenges

3 - Cruise tourism: world cases and prospects in Russia

4 - Gastronomic tourism: Focus on taste experiences


2020, Vol. 14

1 - Planning and implementing a tourism development strategy: global experience and practice in Russia

2 - New forms of tourism: Glamping, amusement parks, weekend vacation

3 - Children’s and youth tourism: Current challenges

4 - Technical and technological innovations in tourism  


2019, Vol. 13

1 - Baikal is the Russian wonder of the world: The problems and trends in the tourism development

2 - The experience economy in the tourism industry: Innovation and industry trends

3 - Religious tourism and pilgrimage: The features and development trends

4 - "Tourists - Go Home!": The Factors and Issues of Overtourism  


2018, Vol. 12

1 - The museum as a bridge between the past and the future: Museum affair and tourism

2 - 300 years of the resort business in Russia: History and modern problems of the industry

3 - "Baikal: blue eye of the planet": geographical aspects of the tourism development in Cisbaikalia

4 - Place branding in tourism: World and Russian experience  


2017, Vol. 11

1 - Problems of sustainable development of tourist services and destinations

2 - Tourism and service in the historical cities: current challenges

3 - Active tourism as a modern trend of tourism development

4 - Practice of ecological and green tourism: the experience of Russia and neighboring countries  


2016, Vol. 10

1 - Tourism cluster and destination: challenges of creation and promotion

2 - Private, corporate and people's museums in the tourism space of Russia and the world

3 - Intangible cultural heritage: problems of involving in tourism

4 - "Intourist": 88 years of the history of tourism

Special issue 1 - Thematic bibliographic index of the journal's publications for 2007-2016 (In Russ.)  


2015, Vol. 9

1 - #КРЫМНАШ: tourism and service in the Crimea

2 - Tourism in Northern Moscow region: growth problems

3 - Tourism in the Central Federal District: the problems of formation and development

4 - Skansens and national artistic trades in Russian and world tourism space  


2014, Vol. 8

1 - Tourism space through the eyes of a geographer

2 - Tourism space through the eyes of an economist

3 - Tourism space through the eyes of a historian

4 - Tourism space through the eyes of a culturologist  


2013, Vol. 7

1 - Gardens and parks in the tourism space

2 - Bridges in the tourism space

3 - Towers in the tourism space

4 - Sculpture in the urban tourism space  


2012, Vol. 6

1 - Problems of studying natural tourism space

2 - Problems of studying event tourism space

3 - Problems of studying scientific tourism space

4 - Problems of studying ethnic tourism space  


2011, Vol. 5

1 - Problems of tourism and service development in North Caucasus region

2 - Problems of tourism and service development in Volga region

3 - Problems of tourism and service development in Central Russia

4 - The issue is dedicated to the anniversary of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812  


2010, Vol. 4

1 - Transport problems in tourism

2 - Hotel business development problems

3 - Restaurant business development problems

4 - Leisure and animation an essential part of service and tourism  


2009, Vol. 3

1 - Problems of sports and adventure tourism development

2 - Problems of historical, cultural and sightseeing tourism development

3 - Problems of medical tourism and health-resort enterprises development

4 - Problems of sacral tourism development  


2008, Vol. 2

1 - Problems of international cooperation in the field of tourism and service

2 - Problems of internal tourism development in Russia

3 - Olympic tourism based on the humane ideas of the Olympic Movement

4 - Tourism as a means to preserve peace and dialogue between cultures  


2007, Vol. 1

1 - Issue is dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Moscow State University of Service

2 - Issue is dedicated to the 27th anniversary of International Tourism Day