1. Placed on the page "Disclaimer" extends to all materials of scientific journals "Service and Tourism: Current Challenges", "Services in Russia and Abroad", "Service Plus" and "Universities for Tourism and Service Association Bulletin":

- placed in print and electronic versions of the journal’s issues of current year of publication, and published earlier;

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- other official materials about the journal published and distributed on behalf of the members of the Editorial Board, the Editorial Board, the scientific editors, publishing houses and publisher.

2. Authorial opinions, attitudes, positions, points of view on events and processes in Russia and in the world that have been said on the pages of the journal are not always shared by the editorial board. Publication of controversial and discussion authorial points of view means the absence from the editorial board of the journal, the publisher and publishing houses of the journal, the official state authorities of the Russian Federation and other agencies, organizations and institutions (including international), any forms and types of censorship and restrictions.

3. Editorial board is not responsible for the content and the accuracy of any given digital, illustrative, and cited materials in the publications of authors of the journal. Solely the authors of the publications have responsibility for relevant materials, contained in their articles.

4. Disclaimer of political responsibility:

- Editorial board is not responsible for authors’ point of view on events, political processes, and phenomena in Russia and the world, expressed in publications;

- Editorial board is not authorized and has no right to determine which events, occurring in the political space of Russia and world, have a positive or negative, legitimate or any other character. Editorial board is not responsible for authors’ value judgments in this matter, which have been expressed in the publications;

- Editorial board places and publishes materials that are basically not inconsistent with international law and national legislation of the countries from which the authors of the publications are, but does not assume the obligation to establish the facts of compliance / non-compliance of these materials. Solely the authors of published materials are responsible for all kinds of such compliance;

- Editorial board is not authorized to determine the legitimacy of the proclamation of the sovereignty and the definition of the political and territorial status of any subject of international law or entities, claiming for such subjectness. The question of recognition or not recognition the sovereignty of Kosovo, Northern Cyprus, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Crimea, Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh, Palestine and Western Sahara, Rep. China (Taiwan) and other entities with limited recognition do not within the competence of the Editorial board. Also, the evaluation of some processes or others, including territorial, as separatist (secessionist), dispute or controversial between states, is not within the competence of the Editorial board. Solely the authors of published materials have responsibility for any such estimates, judgments, opinions, and other forms of expression and presentation of information;

- disclaimer on the political status of Crimea: as in all cases of territorial disputes between States and contradictions concerning the state sovereignty over those or other areas, Editorial board does not assume the function of evaluating the legality of transition the Crimean peninsula from the sovereignty of Ukraine under the sovereignty of the Russian Federation, the legal basis and the legitimacy of the referendum on the status of Crimea and Sevastopol, which had been conducted March 16, 2014. Editorial board of the journal in its activities and placed on its behalf materials adheres to international legal principles of displaying the situation "de facto" and, at the same time, "de jure", which often contradict each other (including in respect of political and legal the status of the Crimean peninsula). Solely the authors of published materials have responsibility for any such estimates, judgments, opinions, and other forms of expression and presentation of information;

- any affiliation of the authors of publications, members of Editorial council and the Editorial board, who are from the territories with controversial international legal status (or who are having connection with such territorial entities), have been specified in accordance with how they identify themselves. The Editorial board does not undertake any right and responsibility for adjusting the information about affiliation indicated by the authors.

5. Editorial board is not responsible for materials with indication of the attitude to scientific journal "Service and Tourism: Current Challenges" posted on the Internet or any other means of communication and information media without knowledge and written consent of Editorial board. Free reproduction of materials of the journal is permitted for personal use. Free use of the materials is permitted for information, scientific, educational or cultural purposes in accordance with articles 1273 and 1274 Chapter 70 Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and with the principles of Open Access.

6. Editorial board is not responsible for the materials, circulating on behalf and without knowledge of Editorial board and having the character of spam. In order to inform the general community about the scientific activities of the journal, conducted by Editorial board events and promotions, Editorial board carries newsletter for email addresses obtained from open sources. Recipients can reject from obtaining such newsletters by sending to the Editorial board by e-mail or in writing to the postal address.

7. All the information on the pages of the printed version of the journal, the official website of the journal, official groups of the journal in social networks is available in its original form, with no guarantees of completeness or timeliness, and without any other expressed or implied warranty.

8. The editorial board makes every effort to ensure the subscribers of the printed version of the journal, the authors of published materials, users of the journal’s official website, visitors of the journal’s groups in social networks accurate and reliable information, but at the same time does not exclude the possibility of errors that will be corrected in any convenient way and in the shortest possible time.

9. Some of the links on this website and in the journal’s official groups in social networks lead to resources located on other sites. These links are for convenience only and do not imply that the Editorial board approves the content of external sites. In addition, the Editorial board do not accepts no responsibility for the availability of these resources and their contents. This statement applies to all links and the content of web sites accessed via banners and links posted on the journal’s official website. The control of legality or illegality of the transmitted information in this way, the definition of property rights or the legality of the transmission, reception or use of this information is not their responsibility of the editorial board.

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13. The editorial board reserves the right to change the information about the authors, members of the journal’s editorial council / board, and any other information posted on the website without notification of stakeholders.

14. The authors of materials published in the journal, all interested persons, members of the editorial council and the editorial board, and the users of journal’s official website agree that all possible disputes shall be resolved according to the norms of the Russian law or upon mutual agreement of both parties. Since official journal’s website does not provide paid services, the users agree that standards and consumer protection laws may not be applied to it.

15. When publishing in the journal scientific, practical and other materials (articles) with clarifying your authorship, using materials of printed version of the journal, this site, and the journal’s official groups in social networks, you accept the "Disclaimer" and take full responsibility which may be imposed on you. The editorial board has the right at any time to make edits to the "Disclaimer", which shall take effect immediately. The continued use of any the journal‘s materials in print or electronic form, including after making changes in statements contained in this page, indicates your consent to their automatic compliance.