General Provisions

1. "The Author Code" located on this page is an integral part of RSUTS Publisher Standard (Policy) regarding an ethical behavior of the parties engaged in publication: authors, editorship, reviewer, publisher. The below mentioned standards are based on the common and existing international practice of the policy of scientific journals and publishers, it applies to all materials of the scientific journals published by RSUTS Publisher..

2. Russian State University of Tourism and Service, as the founder and publisher of scientific journals Service and Tourism: Current Challenges, Service in Russia and Abroad, Service Plus, Universities for Tourism and Service Association Bulletin, assumes the obligation to control all stages of articles publication and recognizes its ethical and other obligations related to articles publication.

Responsible Publishing Policy of Authors

1. Publication is a final stage of a scientific research and, therefore, it is a responsible stage of work of all its authors. Scientific publications are expected to present detailed and accurate results of the research. As long as publications form the basis both for new research and for practical use of the results, they influence not only the scientific community, but, indirectly, the entire community. Thus, the authors shall guarantee that their publications are honest, clear, accurate, complete, and grounded, they shall not allow facts misleading readers, giving selective or ambiguous presentation.

2. The authors shall meet the requirements to publications that the proposed work is original and has not been previously published anywhere in any language. A work cannot be sent to any publications at the same time, besides the cases when publishers agree to a joint publishing. The authors shall notify the Editorship if the publications they propose have been published somewhere before or if any interpretations of this data have been sent to other publishing officers. In this case the authors shall submit the copies of such publications or works sent for consideration to other journals. Authors shall respect the request of the publisher for limitation of the publications in other scientific publications, in the media, they shall not allow informing about the results of the scientific research in the media, if their article was accepted for publication (but not yet published) in the scientific publication.

3. Various publications appeared as a result of the work on the same research project shall be clearly identified as such and contain the references to the source publications. Translations and adaptations for various audiences shall be clearly specified and have references to the source.

4. A published research shall be performed in accordance with the adopted ethical and applicable regulations. A published research shall be properly and thoroughly performed. Authors shall use respective methods of analysis and data submission (and, if necessary, seek advice of a specialist in this field). Authors shall submit the results fairly and without fabrication, falsification, or unfair data manipulation, they shall strive for describing their methods and provide scientific results clearly and unambiguously. Publications shall present sufficient information so that other researchers can repeat performed experiments (i.e., it is necessary to strive for verifiability of the research methodology).

5. In the articles prepared by a group of authors, all co-authors shall be liable for their work and publication content. All co-authors shall thoroughly check their publication at all stages to ensure that their methods and results are accurately expressed. Co-authors shall thoroughly check all calculations, data submission, documents they develop and evidence. All authors shall read and be aware of the work they submit for publication and ensure that this work complies with the principles specified herein. In most cases authors shall hold a joint equal liability for reliability of the publication. However, if authors take responsibility only for certain aspects of the work and published material, it should be mentioned in the publication.

6. Articles presenting the reports on the performed research, shall be complete. They shall not omit the information on the inexplicable facts, conflicting data, and data that contradicts the theories or hypotheses of the authors or sponsors of the research. Sponsors of the research shall not be entitled to impose a veto on the publication results presenting their products or position unfavorably. All existing limitations influencing the research performed by the authors and covered in the article, shall be reflected in the publication.

7. New results shall be submitted in the context of the previous research. Works of other scientists shall be properly reflected. Review and conclusions from the existing research shall be complete, balance and include the data no matter whether they support hypotheses and interpretations of the author of the publication.

8. Authors shall comply with the applicable conventions and legislation on copyright. Materials protected by the copyright (for example, tables, illustrations, large text fragments of the publications), can be reproduced only upon consent of their owners. It is necessary to indicate the authorship of the data, text, figures, and ideas the author received from other sources, and they shall not be presented as belonging to the author of the publication. In all possible cases the source shall be cited. Citations and references to other works shall be accurate and properly executed. Direct citations from the works of other research shall be quoted and have a respective reference. Authors shall not copy references to the works they have not read from other publications. The publication shall refer to the previous works related to it belonging to other researchers and the author himself, it shall be done properly and accurately. Researchers shall guarantee that only those persons conforming to the authorship criteria (i.e., who made a significant contribution to the work) shall be considered the authors, and the researchers deserving authorship will not be excluded from the list of the authors. RSUTS Publisher shall by all available means counter the practices of guest, gift, or ghost authorship. All co-authors shall agree to be included into the list of the authors; they shall approve the edited version of the work sent for publication. Any changes in the list of the authors shall be approved by all authors including those being removed from the list. A responsible author shall be a contact person among the publisher and other authors. He shall inform the co-authors and engage them in decision making on the publication issues (for example, in case of replying to the comments of the reviewers). Authors shall not mislead readers publishing acknowledgments to people who actually were not engaged in the work and did not support the researchers.

9. Authors shall not publish or distribute identifiable personal data collected during the research with his explicit consent (or consent of his representatives). Researchers shall remember that in case of incorrect handling of the personal data of certain people in their research and publications, there is a risk of harm or moral damage to the non-target audience (for example, research participants or their families who may recognize themselves in the presentation of case studies, descriptions, images).

10. All sources of research financing, including direct and indirect financial support, provision of the equipment or materials and other types of support (for example, assistance of specialist on statistical data processing) shall be cited. Authors shall provide the information on the degree of involvement of the research sponsor (if any) in the project preparation, performance, analysis, interpretation of the results and preparation of the article. Authors shall provide the information on financial and non-financial interests and relations which could influence interpretation of their discoveries, as well as the information of the kind which can be significant for a publisher, reviewers, and readers. Besides the authors shall follow the generally accepted requirements for disclosure of competing interests.

Final Clauses

1. Authors shall immediately notify RSUTS Publisher, the Journal's Editorship where the article is submitted to, in case of an error in any submitted publication approved for publication or already published work. The authors shall cooperate with the editors if there is a need in editing or retract the manuscripts, as well as in case they contain errors or omissions after publication. Authors shall properly reply to the comments after publication, as well as published correspondence. They shall try answer the questions of the reviewers and provide any explanations and additional information if required. Authors shall answer the questions of a reviewer in a correct and professional manner within the shortest possible time.

2. When publishing scientific, scientific, and practical and other materials (article) specifying their authorship on the pages of the scientific journals published by RSUTS Publisher, the authors express their agreement with the Author's Code state above, take all responsibility which may be assigned to them for non-compliance with the provisions of the Author Code. RSUTS Publisher shall be entitled at any time introduce amendments, adjustments, and additions in the provisions of the Author Code stated herein that do not contradict commonly accepted norms, common sense and have immediate effect.

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